Anatomy of Walking

Even though the below infographic from Everybody Walk focuses on walking as exercise, I would assume the health benefits are the same.
This serves as even more motivation to take the dogs on their daily walk around the park.



New Year, New Me

It’s New Years Day. A day when most people are voicing their resolutions for the impending year with the best intentions. I suppose I’m doing the same by starting this site but I refuse to label this effort as a resolution, only because 100 percent of resolutions in the past have been broken within the first 30 days of the year. If I have learned anything, good intentions only mean well, nothing else.

I got married to my best friend this past September weighing the most I’ve weighed in this short life of mine. But I wasn’t bothered by it. As a matter of fact, I’m never really bothered by it unless I’m trying on new jeans. I actually really love myself and my life. I’m as happy as a lark and a negative thought rarely crosses my mind. I assume this is why I haven’t really done much about my weight gain. But I realized that if I’m this happy now, life can only get better by getting back in shape.

The dessert was my favorite part of the entire wedding.

I yearn for the days as a child when I could eat Little Debbies for breakfast and fried chicken for dinner while washing everything down with a bowl of ice cream and not gain a single ounce. But those days are gone. And as I said, I love sweets too much to give them up so I am just going to have to combat their calories while substituting as much as possible with healthy foods.

So here’s to twenty-twelve. A new year. A new me.

I don’t believe in year long goals, mostly because my life is too busy to remember something for that long. So I make short-term goals; goals that I need to check in every month or so.


  • run at least 3 times a week
  • make at least one vegetarian meal a week
  • lose five pounds