monstersIt was a beautiful spring day when the monsters came, their arrival signaling the start to a very long and difficult weekend. With sharpened claws and bared teeth,¬†they slowly started to rip away at my insides – small pokes growing into a full assault until I didn’t I could keep them at bay any longer. Finally, crawling, I made my way into the safe house, happy to see it free of other visitors. With every last ounce of might I could muster, I vanquished the monsters but not before they had left me wounded and defeated, slowing retreating back to the outside world where my stadium seat and husband were waiting.

I’m one of the few lucky patients that rarely experience urgency issues or painful diarrhea associated wtih Crohn’s disease. The unfortunate drawback is that I typically experience symptoms outside of the gut – arthritis pain being the most common. When joint pain is the worst of my problems, I can usually make it through life without many complaints

But lately these monsters have been making more frequent visits into my universe. Their sharp teeth and claws tearing away at my insides creating some of the worst urgency issues I’ve ever experienced with only one possible outcome.

During the game my mind wondered to this latest event. I had went for a 15 mile bike ride earlier that day – what if the monsters found me at the side of Platte River? What if I have to make a bee-line to the restrooms that are more than a dozen rows and a section away? What other precarious situations will I find myself in when another emergency pops up?

This is, in my opinion, one of the worst things about having Crohn’s disease. As hard as you try, there is always the chance it will rob you of experiences and there is nothing you can say or do to change that. I don’t like when Crohn’s starts to dictate my daily planner. I hate when I have to succumb to the will of those monsters.

Right now the best I can do is to carry the necessary reinforcements with me at all times and try to avoid any foods I know will cause undue stress. Maybe it is time to really restrict my diet. Because these monsters need to stay away.

Cute monster photo credit: Monsters Inc. Wikia
hy can’t all monsters be this adorable!?

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