Tired ShrekNine hours of sleep not enough? How about nine hours plus two naps a day? Nope, still not enough. Fatigue might be the WORST of the Crohn’s symptoms. I can handle lots of poops. I can take meds to help with the pain. There is nothing I can do to help the fatigue.

I struggle walking up the steps to go to the bathroom.

I struggle walking my dog around the block.

I struggle focusing at work and completing my ever-growing gotta get it done list.

I headed to Crossfit on Wednesday knowing it would take everything I had to finish the workout. The workout was a grinder – 5 rounds of 60 double unders, 40 squats and 20 calories on the rower.

I made it through two rounds. TWO rounds. And then I fell apart. Not to the point where I could just take a breather, but almost in tears because I have nothing left to give. You know what happens next. Crying while working out is impossible. Hyperventilation ensues on the row machine. One pull, breath, two pulls, get your crap together woman, one pull, dear god will this be over soon?

Finally I collect myself, only making a fool of myself to the coach, and continue on with the workout. It takes me almost 28 minutes but I finished. And not last, I might add.

Crohn’s may interrupt my life, but it won’t defeat me.

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