What one word would I use to describe myself? These days, it’s definitely lazy. All my motivation has flown the coup – found a better, more productive home.

So why on earth did I sign up to run my 9th half marathon?

Team Challenge Denver group runMostly because it’s through Team Challenge and it’s a new and exciting location. My desire to travel usually wins out. But more importantly, I need a lot of extra motivation and Team Challenge usually delivers in spades.

This season is no exception, so far. At the end of this week I will have 14 days of not being lazy under my belt. It’s been humbling to start running again. The pain. The extra fatigue. Knowing that you’ve ran 13.1 miles in the past and now you can barely run one. Yep, humbling is the right word.

Yet, I’m lacing up the sneakers to my shiny new kicks and I’m getting it done. Despite the pain. Despite being SO TIRED. Despite the Crohn’s.

Maybe at the end of all of this, I’ll be a runner again. And maybe, just maybe, I won’t die before I cross the finish line in Saratoga.

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