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About the blog

A Girl with Crohns, formally Only Losers Complain, was started in January of 2012 as a way for me to publicly kick my own arse. It was a way to grow my love of writing and combine it with a need to make healthier choices.

One day I had an ephiphany. I love sweets. Anything with chocolate to be precise. Dangle chocolate in my face and I will probably take a finger with it. Sweets, I will always eat. So I decided I had to learn to love running so I could continue to love sweets.

Next came my struggle to love healthy foods. I grew up in the south, does that count as an excuse? We live on fried foods and hugs. Unfortunately, our veggies always came fried too. Fried squash is probably my favorite! And even though hugging is good for the soul, it doesn’t do a thing for your waistline or cholesterol.

This blog is a place for me to share (or vent!) my quest for a healthy life, musings about my husband, our two dogs, and my love for handmade craftiness. I pride myself on my awesome cupcakes with homemade buttercream frosting but will share healthy recipes on occasion too.


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About the writer:

I’m not sure you could call me a writer, a good writer anyway. I’m a southern belle at heart that can change her own oil. I’m an independent optimist that still believes in magic. I’m a child at Disney World in my everyday life.

I grew up in a small North Carolina mountain town and started travelling the globe when I was 19. I settled down in Denver with my husband and best friend and our two furry children but I seek the vastness that is our world. I work as a account executive in the marketing industry at a great agency in Denver and have two degrees under my belt. Again, neither of which was in writing.

As you will learn, I’m also a Crohnie. As defined by me:

Crohnie (n. Kro-nie) An individual living with Crohn’s Disease that understands the necessity of bathrooms within proximity, a change of clothes, a good sense of humor, and a fierce determination.

I’ve had Crohn’s Disease for two-thirds of my life and could be the reason I still believe in the magic of Disney World. With so much crap (literally and figuratively) in my life, I have to believe in something and that just happens to be magic. This leads me to my next section…

Fitness: why bother?

Half Marathon Finishers

I was an active child but, like most, grew to be lazy in the adult years. Wanting to get in shape I started looking into fitness options when I happened upon Team Challenge. The rest is history, as they say. I started running in 2012 and ended 2012 with 2 half marathon medals while raising more than $12,000 to find a cure for Crohn’s Disease. Learn more about my struggles and the awesome organization striving to find a cure, Team Challenge.

Santa Stampede 5K
Santa Stampede 5K, 2012

My half marathon experiences took me to Kona, Hawaii running alongside the ocean and to rowdy Las Vegas where I beat my Kona time by 22 minutes!

In training for a half marathon, I learned the benefits of cross training, healthy eating to fuel your body, the necessity of sleep, proper running form, and all those other things running folks with tell you about. I also grew to love an outdoor toilet. In case that was too much info for you to know about me, we can carry on to the next topic…

Food: my love-hate relationship

I think the title says it all. I have a crush on anything chocolate but chocolate loves my waistline and arteries way too much so it tries to stick around. This is one area that I am constantly working to improve. My goal is to learn to appreciate and respect food. I want to find a balance between eating to fuel my body and eating to fuel my cravings. Join me on my journey. If there is one thing I learned over the years, it’s that everything gets easier with practice.

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